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Buy the Best Lip Scrubs from SSBeauty

How important is lip scrubbing to you? We all want smooth, plump and soft lips and the only way to achieve that is to use a lip scrub. At SSBeauty, our objective is not only to provide you with the best makeup and skincare products but to also be your guiding light in using them correctly.
How are lip scrubs different from face scrubs? How do they work? What should you look for in a lip scrub? How to use it correctly? If these questions are running through your mind, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will answer all your doubts and help you understand the true importance of lip exfoliator in your skincare regimen.

Benefits of Using a Lip Scrub

A lip scrub is basically a combination of two main elements - a moisturizing agent and an exfoliating agent. It serves the same purpose as a face scrub. The purpose of using a lip scrub is to remove dead skin cells and get rid of dry and crusty lips. But there is more to a lip scrub than just that. There are several advantages of a lip exfoliator making it worth the lip scrub price. Let us understand a few more benefits of using a lip exfoliator.

  • Makes your lips soft and supple
  • Removes dead skin cells from the lips
  • Prevents dry, flaky lips
  • Promotes new and healthy cell turnover
  • Keeps crusty and cracked lips at bay
  • Locks the moisture into your skin

How to Use a Lip Scrub the Right Way

Now that you know all the benefits of using a lip scrub for dark lips, let us show you how to use it correctly to maximize those benefits. There are only a few simple steps that you have to follow.
Pro Tip: If you have cuts or injuries on your lips, wait for them to heal before using a lip exfoliator.

    • Step 1: Start with clean hands
    • The first step is to wash your hands before doing any skincare. This is important to prevent the germs and bacteria on your hands from transferring to your face.
    • Step 2: Spread the scrub evenly around your lips

           Take some product on the tip of your finger and spread it evenly on your lips. Ensure that a generous amount of lip scrub for men and women is applied on the top and bottom lips.

    Step 3: Gently scrub using your fingers
    Gently rub your finger on your lips to allow the physical exfoliant to do its magic. You can rub both your lips together as well.
    Step 4: Rinse it off
    When you are done exfoliating, rinse the product off with lukewarm water.
    Step 5: Dab your lips dry
    Do not rub your lip roughly with a towel or napkin immediately after exfoliation. The layer of dead skin cells has just been scrubbed off from your lips which means your skin is still sensitive. Gently dab your lips with a clean, soft towel to partly dry them.
    Step 6: Moisturize
    It is crucial to restoring the moisture in your lips after scrubbing. Perform this step immediately after scrubbing when your lips are still slightly damp. You can use any lip gloss, good-quality lip balm or petroleum jelly to hydrate your lips after exfoliation.
    For best results, you can repeat this procedure once or twice a week using a gentle lip scrub for women and men. This will ensure that your lips are always free from dead skin cells and feel soft and supple.

    Tips to Find the Best Lip Scrub for Yourself

    When you look for lip scrubs online, you will discover that there are two types of lip scrubs. Physical exfoliant and chemical exfoliant. When it comes to lip scrubs for dark lips, it is ideal to use a physical exfoliant.
    Since the skin on the lips is extra sensitive, you can look for natural ingredients like sugar, coffee, or citrus for natural lip brighteners.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Lip Scrub

    • Is using lip scrub good for lips?
      Yes, using a lip scrub is completely safe for your lips. With the use of a lip scrub, you can remove dry skin and restore the softness and smoothness of your lips. It not only makes your lips look better, but it also makes them feel better.

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