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Buy Face Scrubs at SSBeauty

Do you love the baby-soft skin that you get after using a face scrub but are afraid that it will damage your skin? Scrubbing is a part of the skincare routine that removes all the stubborn dirt trapped inside the pores that cannot be removed by a facial cleanser. At SSBeauty our objective is to help you find the best makeup as well as skin care products available in the market.
There are two types of exfoliators that work in different ways but they both help you get that smooth, baby-soft skin. Chemical exfoliators contain skincare actives like acids that come in a variety of concentrations. They can effectively remove a buildup of dead skin cells, giving the skin a renewed, glowing and healthy appearance. Physical exfoliants on the other hand are more natural forms of exfoliants that can be rubbed against the skin to manually remove the layer of dead skin cells on the skin surface.

Benefits of Scrubs & Exfoliators

Scrubs work as exfoliants due to the presence of tiny particles of some physical exfoliant that rubs against the skin. These particles are meant to be insoluble in water so as to generate a scrubbing action against the skin and remove the trapped grime within the pores.
Get the best body scrub for women and men at SSBeauty and take your skincare regimen to the next level. Some of the many benefits that you will experience after using a body scrub are:

    1. Remove dead skin cells
    2. Gently scrubbing your face with an exfoliator will remove any dead skin cells which will lead to cleaner, more radiant and healthier skin.
    3. Make the skin soft
    4. When you religiously use a face scrub, new skin cells will be generated and dead skin cells will be washed away leaving your skin soft and smooth.
    5. Prevent breakouts
    6. The major cause of breakouts is accumulated dirt and sebum that are trapped inside the pores. By deep cleaning your face, you will notice a decline in skin breakouts.
    7. Reduce the appearance of marks and discoloration
    8. With each use of face scrubs, you will notice that your acne marks, hyperpigmentation, or discoloration of any sort will start to fade away, making them worth the

face scrub price

    1. Remove ingrown hair
    2. A gentle scrubbing motion will prevent the hair follicles from being trapped, thus removing ingrown hair and preventing them from forming in the future.
    3. Promote better absorption of skincare products
    4. When your skin will be free of the layer of accumulated dead skin cells, trapped dirt and oil, your pores will be clear. This is when your skin can better absorb the product in your skincare routine.
    5. Improve blood circulation
    6. When you rub the scrub on your face or body in circular motions for a few minutes, it will improve blood circulation in that area. This will not only give you a natural flush of color on your face but also promote a healthy glow, giving you maximum value for the

price of a body scrub


How to Use Scrubs for Exfoliation

There are different types of scrubs available at SSBeauty. The skin on the face is much softer and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body. This is why here, you will find face exfoliators and body scrubs suitable for all your needs. Let us brief you on the process of using both these exfoliators properly so that you can make the most of the body scrub price.
Using a body scrub is straightforward and simple. The steps are as follows:

  • Draw a warm water bath
  • Take a generous amount of skin scrub on your hand
  • Rub it gently on the skin in circular motions using your hands or an exfoliating glove
  • Continue scrubbing for no longer than a minute
  • Rinse the body with lukewarm water
  • To wash away the residual of the body scrub, use a gentle body cleanser
  • Pat your skin with a clean towel and experience the magic of skin scrub yourself!

Your entire body will be free of dead skin cells, accumulated dirt, oil, ingrown hair and impurities.
To use a face exfoliator properly, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Use a facial cleanser to wash away excess dirt from the upper layer of the skin
  • Take the right amount of product on your palm
  • Begin gently exfoliating by rubbing the product on the face in circular motions
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Finish off with a moisturizer to restore the hydration levels on your face

Scrubs & Exfoliators for Different Skin Types

We all are different and so are our skin types. Our differentiating factors are what make us unique. To cater to the needs of your skin type, we have a holistic collection of face scrubs online that is suitable for all skin types.
Dry skin needs exfoliation just like other skin types but if a person with dry skin uses a face scrub made for oily skin, then they might risk stripping their skin of the natural oils. They may end up with excessively dry skin that feels scratchy. To avoid this, we have curated the best face scrubs for women and men that are suitable for dry skin.
You will also find a range of face exfoliators for oily, combination as well as sensitive skin types at SSBeauty.

Frequently Asked Questions on Scrubs & Exfoliators

  • What is a scrub and how to use it?
      A scrub is a special type of facial cleanser that has some kind of physical exfoliant to it. You can use a scrub to remove the stubborn oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities present deep within the skin. To use a face scrub, take some product on your palm and gently rub it on a wet face in circular motions. Wash off with water and follow with moisturizer.
  • How often should you use a scrub?
      A scrub is not a skincare product for daily use. To see the best results, you can use it on your face and body once or twice a week.
  • Does scrub remove tan?
      The reason for the appearance of tan on the skin is the presence of pigmented dead skin cells on the skin. Using a face or body scrub will effectively remove all the accumulated tanned dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin and promote the generation of new and healthy skin cells. It is a bonus if your scrub has ingredients used in tan removal like licorice, rice, papaya, lemon and more.
  • Is using scrubs and exfoliators safe for the skin?
    Using a scrub or any gentle exfoliator is not only safe but also essential for the skin. It is essential to remove the layer of accumulated impurities, dead skin cells, and ingrown hairs from the outer layer of the skin to promote the growth of healthy new cells.

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