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Buy Beauty Blenders at the Best Prices from SSBeauty

The world of makeup has been completely revolutionized since beauty blenders made their appearance. Earlier, makeup brushes were the only way to blend makeup like a professional. While they are quite effective at their job, it is always nice to have beginner-friendly options. And beauty blenders are just that! At SSBeauty, our objective is not only to provide you with the best makeup products but to also help you find the right ones for yourself.
To smoothen your journey to makeup, we have introduced a range of makeup blenders that are super easy to use. If you have never used one before or are confused about buying a beauty blender from the plethora of options, let us make things easier for you. Here you will find everything you need to know about a beauty blender set and how to use it.

Benefits of Using a Beauty Blender

When you buy a beauty blender, you will see that all of them have a spongy texture and an almost spherical or hourglass shape. Let us tell you, it is not just for aesthetics. The shape of a beauty blender plays a huge role in increasing its utility and so does its texture. An hourglass-shaped makeup blender will give you two round surfaces to work with and a firm grip, giving you full value for the makeup blender's price.
You can apply your foundation with one side of the blender and some contour (or any other product) with the other side quickly and easily. A spherical beauty blender set will have an angular edge that is perfect to blend your cosmetic products evenly in tricky areas like the corners of your eyes or nose. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are a lot of other benefits that make it worth the beauty blender price.
  1. Beginner-friendly
  2. If you are intimidated by makeup brushes but still want to have a perfect makeup look each time, you can invest in an affordable beauty blender. These humble sponges are not only super easy to use but the makeup blender price will also fit right into your budget. Anyone can apply beauty products seamlessly and effortlessly with a makeup blender.
  3. Multipurpose
  4. You can make the most of your beauty blender price by using them to do your entire makeup. Be it liquid products like foundation, serums or moisturizers, cream-based products like contours or blushes, or powder cosmetics like setting powder or compact powder, a beauty blender set can effectively spread everything in an even layer on the skin.
  5. Suitable for all skin types
  6. These makeup sponges are suitable for all skin types. They can apply the product evenly on dry and textured skin as well.
  7. Reaches every corner of the face
  8. The pointed edge that you see on the sponges when you look for beauty blenders online serves a bigger purpose. The pointed edge of the blender makes it easier for you to reach delicate areas like corners of your eyes, under the eyes, cheekbones and corners of the nose.
  9. Natural finish
  10. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a beauty blender sponge set. Unlike other makeup accessories and tools, it does not leave streak marks on your face. It applies the product evenly all over your face and covers your face in a thin layer of product, giving you a natural finish, making them worth the blender makeup price. Needless to say, a thin layer of base looks a lot more natural and elegant than a thick layer that appears cakey.

    How to use it

    There are three simple steps to using any beauty blender like a pro.

    1. Wet the blender
    2. This is a secret tip that you probably won’t find everywhere. Soak your beauty blender in cold water before using it. This will not only ensure that the cosmetic product glides smoothly on the skin but will also ensure that the sponge itself does not absorb any of the product.

    3. Squeeze out the extra moisture
    4. When you soak the blender in water, remember not to overdo it. It should not be dripping wet or you may risk diluting your cosmetics with water upon application. Squeeze out the extra water. Just keep the blender damp enough to smoothly work with your cosmetic products.

    5. Dab the product in a stippling motion
    6. Using a beauty blender is very different from using a makeup brush. You must not swipe the blender like you would a brush. Instead, pat the blender on the product and then dab it on your face to spread and blend perfectly like a pro.

      Frequently Asked Questions on Beauty Blenders

      1. How to clean a beauty blender?
      2. Every time you use a beauty blender, you should clean the sponge for good hygiene. You can use a gentle soap with warm water for this. Soak the blender in the warm water solution for a few minutes and then squeeze out gently. Wash it under running water for a few seconds and air dry the sponge before putting it away.

      3. Is it good to use a beauty blender?
      4. Yes, beauty blenders are best for applying your base. They can, however, be used to do full-face makeup as well. A beauty blender will press the product into the skin and give you a natural look that’s second to none.

      5. What is the difference between a beauty blender and a makeup brush?
      6. While they both serve the purpose of makeup application, the way both these tools work is very different. Beauty blenders press the product on the skin while brushes swipe the product. Brushes are ideal for oily skin with pores, while even cheap beauty blenders are a perfect match for dry skin. This is because using a brush will ensure that you apply thin layers of product on your skin surface, without getting it deep into your pores. On the other hand, a beauty blender will press the product deeper into the skin, so it can lead to pore blockage and breakouts.

      7. How long does a beauty blender last?
      8. A beauty blender can easily last up to 3-4 months if you take good care of it. Keep it away from sharp objects and be careful with your nails as they can easily tear the sponge.

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