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Buy Nail Polish Remover on SSBeauty

Most beauty and makeup enthusiasts turn to nail paints and nail art when they want to beautify their hands. To experiment with different nail colors, you need to keep a good nail polish remover handy. While it is a simple product, it can get overwhelming to find the right match for yourself from the umpteen variety in the market. At SSBeauty, our objective is to not only provide you with the best makeup products but also to be your guiding light in finding your perfect match. While we all appreciate the amazing transformation nail colors can create for our hands. Everyone would agree with us when we say that the real fun of nail polishes is to keep experimenting. To take off the color you are wearing and try on a new color would be a complete mess without the magic touch of a nail polish remover. A nail paint remover is not only an essential part of your makeup routine but also ensures that your nails remain healthy and neat.

Benefits of SSBeauty Nail paint remover

The best nail polish removers available at SSBeauty come from brands that carefully formulate these nail polish removers to soften the polishes or nail treatments so that the coat on your nails can be removed easily. Our gel nail polish removers are ideal if you have coated your nails in a gel-based nail paint. These gel nail polish removers are extremely gentle on the nails and will smoothly remove the enamel without causing any harm to the nail beneath. The most effective and highly preferred ones are the nail polish remover liquids. These removers will gently dissolve the nail polish as well as other things like oil-based paint and glue.

Reasons to include good nail paint remover in your kit

Most of us spend to our heart’s content when we see a nail color that catches our eye but when it comes to a nail polish remover, we turn to cheaper alternatives. You may be attracted by the low nail polish remover price, but think about the price you might have to pay later. Most cheaper alternatives consist of harsh chemicals like acetone that may damage your nails and the skin around your nails. They may also leave a white cast, dry out your nails, and have a strong pungent smell. If used regularly for a longer period of time, these nail polish remover liquids can make your nails brittle and dry.
It is time to pamper yourself (and your nails) with premium quality natural nail polish removers that are worth the nail paint remover price. Your search for a quality nail paint remover ends here at SSBeauty! Here you will find a list of high-quality natural nail polish removers in all forms that are safe for your nails. We offer you the finest nail grooming products consisting of all types of nail paint removers that you may need. We have everything from gel nail paint removers to acetone-free, dip & twist, and even on-the-go nail paint remover pads. Don’t just take our word for it, browse through our collection of the best nail polish removers and experience it yourself!

Tips for using a nail paint remover correctly

Nail polish can be tough to remove, especially if you are not using your nail polish remover correctly. To make the most of your nail paint remover price, check out the tips here.
  1. Keep your tools ready
  2. Before you start using a nail polish remover, keep everything that you will need handy. This includes a few cotton pads or cotton strips, an old towel and cuticle oil (you will need this later). Be sure to set up your workstation on the floor or on a table if you do not want to risk getting nail polish stains or remover marks on your bed or sofa.
  3. Keep your cotton pads ready
  4. If you have a cotton ball, tear off 10 strips from it and keep them segregated. Make sure they are big enough to cover your nail entirely.
  5. Removing the nail polish
  6. Soak your cotton pad in the remover (use just enough to soak it, it shouldn’t drip) and place it on your nail. Press down the cotton firmly and ensure that it stays in place for a minute or two. Gently slide the cotton from your nail and rub it a few more times (if necessary) and watch the nail polish remover liquid clean your nails like magic.
  7. Follow proper nail and hand care after use
  8. Now that the nail paint is off your nails, it is time to pamper your nail and the skin around them. Wash or soak your hands in lukewarm soap water for a minute to wash away any residual nail paint remover. Then pat your hands dry and moisturize with a hand cream or lotion. Use cuticle oil on your nails to provide extra care to the nail bed and cuticles.

Frequenly Asked Questions on Nail Polish Remover

  1. How long should you leave your nail polish remover on?
  2. After you have wrapped each nail in a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, you can wait for a minute or two. This will help melt down the nail polish easily. Once the nail enamel softens, you can pinch away the cotton pad from the nail.

  3. Is gel nail polish remover safe?
  4. Any nail paint remover that does not consist of any harsh toxins or acetone is safe to be used on the nails. Acetone can dry and damage your nails in the long run. At SSBeauty, you will find a range of acetone-free and natural nail polish removers that are completely safe to use.

  5. How to take care of the nails after removing nail polish?
  6. Nail paint remover can sometimes absorb moisture from your skin and make it dry. To take care of your cuticles after removing the nail paint, you can take a couple of drops of cuticle oil and massage it on your nails and the surrounding skin. This action will restore the moisture on your nail bed.

  7. Are acetone and nail polish remover the same thing?
  8. Acetone is the most widely used chemical in nail paint removers. However, the terms are not synonymous. Acetone, if used regularly, can damage the nail bed and the cuticles. The nail polish removers at SSBeauty are acetone-free and natural, making them suitable for your nails and worth the nail polish remover price.

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