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Buy Nail Care on SSBeauty

Being well-groomed is important for many and a primary aspect of grooming is having the perfect nails! Whether you prefer the classic French manicure or love colorful nail polishes, having healthy cuticles and nails will give you the perfect base for your nail polish. At SSBeauty, our objective is not only to provide you with the best makeup products but also to decode every makeup step for you. We help you understand why you need certain nail products such as nail polish, nail polish remover, gel nail polish and nail art kits among others. It will help you make an informed choice before you buy any nail product. Read on to know more.

Nail care and grooming

Nail grooming is a basic and important part of one’s self-care routine. Having manicured nails make your hands look immaculately clean and presentable. Moreover, it also makes it less likely for dirt and bacteria to collect, which can lead to infections. A typical nail grooming routine at home would include removing any nail polish using a nail polish remover and then cleaning your nails. This is followed by filing of your nails to the desired length and shape. You then move on to the main star: Nail polish! For those who love to be creative and have fun with nail paints, there are various types of nail art kits available in the market. Shop at SSBeauty where we have an exclusive collection of nail polishes and nail art kits.

What are the different types of Nail Products?

Here are some of the most basic products you’d need for nail care and nail polish application:
  1. Nail polish remover: You would need this to begin your nail care routine. A nail polish remover helps in wiping off nail polish.
  2. Manicure and pedicure products: These are products that help cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize hands and feet. These include nail clippers, cuticle scissors, cuticle pushers, slant tweezers and nail files among others.
  3. Nail polishes: This is the product that is applied on nails to make them look beautiful and stylish. You will also find nail polish kits in the market that include different shades and finishes.
  4. Nail art kit: This is for all the creative souls! You can draw patterns or apply pre-designed patterns or crystals on the nails. A nail art kit includes various tools like a stamper, flatback nail rhinestones, nail foil, tweezers, etc. that enable you to create personalized designs on your nails.

Frequently asked questions on Nail Care

  1. What is the best nail care routine?
  2. Maintaining healthy nails and cuticles is important to make them look presentable. Moreover, healthy nails will provide the perfect base for any kind of nail art or treatment that you’d want to do. Here are some basic steps in nail care that you can follow at home:
    • Keep fingernails dry and clean: Clean your nails daily to prevent bacteria from growing under them. Having wet or damp nails for a long period can lead to split fingernails. If you are going to wash dishes or use harsh chemicals, ensure you use cotton-lined rubber gloves.
    • Use a manicure and pedicure set: Practice good nail hygiene by using manicure scissors or clippers to cut your nails. Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. Get a good manicure and pedicure set which includes the right tools such as clippers, filer, cuticle scissors and tweezers.
    • Always moisturize: When using a hand lotion or any moisturizer on your hands, make sure that you rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles.
    • Apply a protective layer: Take a step further and apply a nail hardener. This could help strengthen your nails.

  3. Which nail polish lasts the longest?
  4. With a traditional nail polish, you would maybe get through a week without it chipping off. But with gel nail polish, it can easily last between two to three weeks at the minimum.

  5. Which nail polish is the best?
  6. There are many nail polishes with different finishes and textures. Below are some of the best nail polishes:
    • Lakme Color Crush Nail Art – This one’s got to be in your nail art kit! It offers long-lasting color and comes in five finishes like pearlescent, metal, glitter, unicorn and shimmer.
    • Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel – Those who are looking for a simple and no-fuss nail paint for their everyday look, this is an ideal nail polish. It has a high quality, chip-resistant formula and rich color.
    • Myglamm Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer – If you love the glossy finish that gel nail paints offer, you should try this one. With a shiny, gel-like finish, its quick-drying formula delivers salon-ready nails in a single stroke.
    • Revlon Holographic Reflections Nail Enamel – Steal the show wherever you go with holographic nails. This color-changing nail paint comes in iridescent colors that deliver opaque, full-coverage finish in two to three coats.

Shopping on SSBeauty

Whether you want gel nails or the traditional nail polish, SSBeauty is the ultimate online beauty store where you can grab makeup at the best prices possible. We offer three modes of delivery – standard delivery, express delivery and pickup at the nearest store. We guarantee top-quality makeup products and amazing offers that will keep you coming back for more. You can also check out our blog section for detailed buying guides, editorial picks and the latest makeup trends. For makeup tutorials and other interactive how-to guides, head to our videos page.
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