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Buy False Eyelashes on SSBeauty

Makeup is a way for some to express themselves, while for others it could get overwhelming. At SSBeauty, our objective is not only to provide you with the best makeup products but also to simplify every makeup step for you. We help you understand why you need certain makeup products, like false eyelashes, so that you can identify the one that suits you and buy the best false eyelash for yourself. Read on to know more about the different kinds of makeup products you can use to enhance your eyelashes.

What are False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are cosmetic extensions that help enhance your natural eyelashes. It involves attaching synthetic or natural hair fibers to the natural eyelashes. Who wouldn’t love to have fuller, more dramatic lashes? At SSBeauty, we offer a range of best fake lashes that can be used to beautify your eyelashes. Read on to know more.

Tips to apply False Eyelashes

Here are some tips on applying false eyelashes like a pro:
  • Choosing the right fake eyelash will help you in creating a more natural and simple look. If you have smaller eyes, it’s best to use individual lashes to enhance them. Individual lashes are suited for situations when you want a natural look. Generally, those who have hooded eyes or naturally sparse or thin lashes prefer them. You can use strips to elongate and give your eyes a bigger, bolder appearance.
  • Apply the glue in dots. Using excessive glue can lead to clumps along your lash line. Wait for 30 seconds after applying the glue before you place the false eyelash.
  • If needed, you can trim the length of the false lash to fit your eyes.
  • Once satisfied with the application, you can apply mascara.
  • FAQs on False Eyelashes

    1. How do you put on false eyelashes?
    2. Here’s how you can wear fake eyelashes in a few steps:
      1. You can start by prepping your lashes. For this, you can curl them using an eyelash curler and apply mascara.
      2. Next, apply glue on the lash band. Make sure to not apply the glue directly on the lash band. Place a dot of glue on a cotton swab and drag the swab along the lash band.
      3. Wait for about 30 seconds before placing the false eyelashes on your eyes. This will allow the glue time to get sticky without spreading all over.
      4. Lastly, place the lash band along your lash line and press in it. For a neater appearance, you can opt to use an eye liner to hide the lash strip.

    3. Why are false eyelashes so popular?
    4. False eyelashes help enhance your natural lashes by adding volume and length to them. Browse our online beauty store to know such false eyelash prices and start shopping now.

    5. Which are the best fake lashes?
    6. Here are some of the best false eyelashes that help beautify your eyes by instantly adding drama and volume to your lashes:

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